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Recruits To Take Govt Schemes Forward

At Rozagar Mela, PM Distributes 51K Appointment Letters


Modi noted that the creation of employment opportunities for the youth is an important part of the nation-building process

NEW DELHI, Oct 28 (The CONNECT) – In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today told the new recruits to various government departments that they will take the government schemes forward and implement them on the ground level.



Addressing the National Rozgar Mela via video conferencing, Modi noted that the creation of employment opportunities for the youth is an important part of the nation-building process which will pave the way for India to become a developed nation. He emphasized that it is the recruits who will take the government schemes forward and implement them on the ground level.

The announcement comes close on the heels of the government directive to joint secretary level officers to be Rath Prabharis to spread information about various schemes among the people which the opposition criticised as an extension of the BJP’s pre-election campaign.

The Prime Minister distributed more than 51,000 appointment letters to newly inducted employees who will be joining the Government in various Ministries and Departments including Ministry of Railways, Department of Posts, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Revenue, Department of Higher Education, Department of School Education and Literacy and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, among others.



In all, 37 places across the country were connected with the Mela during the Prime Minister’s address.



“The overall time between the notification of employment to the employment letter has been significantly reduced”, Modi explained.  The Prime Minister noted that the journey of Razgar Melas has reached an important milestone as Rozgar Melas started in October last year providing appointment letters for government jobs to lakhs of youths in various Rozgar Melas in the centre and NDA-ruled states and union territories.

The Prime Minister underlined that the Rozgar Melas organized in various states and Union Territories are signs of the government’s commitment towards the future of the youth where work is underway in mission mode.

“We’re not only providing employment but also maintaining a transparent system in place”,  Modi emphasized as he noted the increased trust by the youth in the recruitment processes. He said that the government is making an effort to not only streamline the processes but also restructure the examination procedure. He underlined that the time taken for recruitment under the staff selection cycle has also been reduced to half.

Speaking about certain examinations under SSC, Prime Minister Modi informed that the exams are now being conducted in 13 different regional languages apart from Hindi and English making it easier for those aspirants to break the language barrier.

Referring to the speed of development that is creating newer job opportunities in every sector. He mentioned  Dhordo village which has been awarded the best tourism village by the United Nations, and World Heritage site recognition for the Hoysala temple complex and Shanti Niketan.  These developments and increased tourism will create new opportunities for the youth. Similarly, strides in the sports are also creating new avenues, he said.



The Government is strengthening the traditional sectors providing employment opportunities while also promoting new sectors such as renewable energy, space, automation and defence exports”, the Prime Minister said. He also touched upon opening up new avenues in the drone technology sector and gave examples of crop assessment and nutrient spraying being carried out with its help.

Under the Swamitva Scheme, the Prime Minister informed that drones are being used for land mapping. He also mentioned the delivery of medicines in the Lahaul Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh by making use of drones, thereby reducing the estimated time from 2 hours to less than 20-30 minutes. Startups have also benefited a lot from drones and helped create new designs and technologies.

The Prime Minister touched upon the resurgence of Khadi which has registered a sale of more than 1.25 lakh crore compared to a mere 30 thousand crore 10 years ago. This has created many jobs in the Khadi and village industry sector, especially benefitting women.

PM Modi said that any competitive advantage of any country needs the power of youth to be fully realized. He mentioned the initiatives of skilling and education that are equipping the youth to take full advantage of the new opportunities. New National Education Policy, new medical colleges, IIT, IIM and IIIT have come up and crores of youths have been trained under PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana. PM Vishwakarma Yojana has been launched for the Vishwakarma friends. As reskilling and upskilling are the order of the day, the Prime Minister informed that PM Vishwakarma Yojana is linking the Vishwakarmas with modern technology and tools.

“Today, you all are becoming important allies in our journey of nation-building”, the Prime Minister remarked as he urged them to contribute with all their might to realizing India’s goal. He also urged them to continue their learning process and make use of the iGOT Karmayogi portal.

“Your every step will help in taking the country forward rapidly on the path of development”, he remarked.

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