Orders Flow To Ensure Water Supply

The Yogi government departments have been told to make sure that humans, animals and birds do not go dry as weatherman warns of severe heat waves.

LUCKNOW, Apr 22 (The CONNECT) –  The Yogi government has asked all concerned departments to be prepared to deal with the heat wave in summer. Apart from ensuring water supply in urban and rural areas, instructions have been given to complete the repair work of ponds and make arrangements for irrigation as well as drinking water for animals and birds.

In view of the apprehension of heat wave, the government has directed that Chief Development Officer or ADM level officer be nominated as nodal officer at district level for water supply during summer season. On the other hand, cool look concept (painting the roof with white colour) should be promoted as a way to prevent heat stroke and keep the temperature low.

It is noteworthy that the government started preparations to deal with heat wave following a warning of heat wave issued by the Meteorological Department in summer.

The government has also directed concerned departments in urban and rural areas to complete necessary works related to drinking water supply on time. For rural areas, the Irrigation Department has been asked to run a special campaign to make all tubewells and irrigation facilities in working condition. Jal Nigam will get the damaged pipeline and leakage repaired and take care of cleaning the overhead tank whereas Rural Development will be responsible for filling ponds to provide drinking water for animals. Rural Development Department and Jal Nigams will arrange water tankers in areas where water supply is disrupted. Rural Development Department will ensure smooth operation of rural drinking water schemes. On the other hand, the Forest Department will ensure the availability of water in ponds and lakes to provide drinking water for animals and birds in the forest areas.

In urban areas, the Irrigation Department will make arrangements to make all tubewells and other means of water supply operational by running a special campaign. The Urban Development Department and Jal Nigam will distribute water through tankers to the people most affected by water scarcity. The Urban Development Department will ensure arrangements for installation of water fountains in public places and markets through urban bodies. Cooperation of non-governmental organizations can also be taken in this work. The Urban Development Department will issue advisory to stop unnecessary use of water like washing vehicles, leaving taps open etc. and will also get it implemented. Urban Development and Labour Department will ensure proper arrangement of drinking water at workplaces and construction sites. The concerned departments will be responsible for the smooth functioning of the water system and power supply in various parks, especially for birds.