Achieves 72% Increase In Revenue In Last Nine Months.

Servotech Power will offer smarter lifestyle solutions, create profitable whitespaces for its clients.

New Delhi, Jan 23 (The CONNECT) – Servotech Power Systems Ltd., said it registered an accumulated a quarterly revenue of Rs. 82.54cr which represents a YoY growth of around 116%.

In comparison to the last fiscal, the company achieved 72% increase in revenue in the last nine months.

The company delivered a gross profit of Rs. 14.15cr during the third quarter of the financial year 2022-223, which is 36% more than what they achieved 3rd quarter of the last financial year. Further, the company achieved an 84% jump in PAT than the last fiscal.

Servotech Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of Solar, Power-backup, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, and other smart power solutions.

In the board meeting, the organisation also announced the decision of stock split. In a filing with the exchange, Serotech stated that the board had discussed and approved the payment of an interim dividend to shareholders. Additionally, Servotech has established the record date for the share division or split and will pay an interim dividend of Rs 0.20 per equity share to its shareholders. The company has also established the record date for the split of equity shares with a face value of Rs. 10 per share. Servotech had previously declared that the board had approved a 1:5 stock split.

Commenting upon the results, Servotech Power Systems Ltd. Managing Director Raman Bhatia noted, “This quarter turned out to be a strong period for Servotech. As expected, our Q3 profitability has seen a one-off impact of our strong market strategy, our expanded footprint, and advances on the channel front. With the bulk of the integration cost behind us and in view of the growth tailwinds ahead, our endeavour is to achieve even healthier profitability in Q4. Our impressive financial results demonstrate that we have greatly benefited our partners, clients, and other important stakeholders. Both our solar and EV charging products are creating lasting value and impact across the varied deployment of these solutions. There is also a greenfield of synergies and projects for us to explore. This will result in long-term and sustainable profitability. By expanding our pool of talent, stepping up our innovation efforts, and refining our go-to-market strategy, we will be able to provide our customers with smarter lifestyle solutions, scale up our team’s opportunities, and create profitable whitespaces for our clients.”