She Means Business is a knowledge platform that provides offline training programs on lifeskills. These include Communication skills, sales trainings, storytelling workshops, team building activities and experiential learning. Headlined by Dipika Singh, She Means Business also runs programs for women business owners which include social media training, business planning and personal branding. 2 years back She Means Business added a content arm by creating digital training programs for corporates. At the same time, SMB started a YouTube channel with an interview series with women thought leaders as an attempt to create more women role models.

She Means Business recently launched a series of videos on demystifying savings, investments and money management for women on the YouTube channel. Season 1 has 10 videos that cover the basics of savings, investments, mutual funds, life insurance, personal loans, how to understand salary slips to name a few. The videos are devoid of any jargon and bring you what is considered a highly technical subject in a very easy to understand language.

 “My husband is in the financial services, so it has always been very easy for me to leave all our financial decisions on him. But ever since I started working on diversity programs I realized that one of the major challenges that women face is a mental block against managing money. And I am guilty of the same. And the industry jargon does not help! So this year I decided that I needed to practice what I preached. I needed to be more aware of financial terms, tools, and how-tos. Even if that meant not being able to jump into investing right away myself, atleast I wanted to arm myself with the requisite knowledge. Since I have a YouTube channel, I thought why not document my journey in the form of bite sized videos explaining savings and investments in an easy to understand language. And that is how Money Matters was conceptualized. While It was started as a means to demystify money management for women, it seems to have struck a chord with everyone and not just women” –  Dipika Singh, She Means Business

Season 1 of Money Matters is powered  by Sqrrl Fintech, a savings and investment app. “A sponsor gave us legs to take the content further which my own channel on its own may not have achieved.” – Dipika Singh, Founder, She Means  Business.

Money Matters is available on the SMB YouTube channel here

Dipika has been working as an experiential trainer for nearly 5 years now and She Means Business started purely as a passion project to record interviews of women doing interesting work as a diversity initiative. Dipika has now combined her training expertise along with a love for creating digital content into an online and offline lifeskills platform. By the end of 2019, She Means Business will be adding interesting online courses available to both individual and institutional customers.