AYODHYA, Jan 7 (The CONNECT) – The idol of Lord Shri Ram is 51 inches tall, weighs 1.5 tonnes & has the innocence of a child, Champat Rai, General Secretary of the Ram Temple Trust, has said.

“The length of Lord Shri Ram’s idol and the height of its installation have been designed in such a way on the advice of eminent space scientists of India that every year on Ram Navami, the ninth date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, Lord Surya himself will anoint Shri Ram as sunrays will directly fall on his forehead at 12 noon making it shine,” he said.

Rai said three sculptors made the idol of Lord Shri Ram separately, out of which one idol weighing 1.5 tonnes as well as with the length of 51 inches from foot to forehead was chosen with the inspiration of the Lord.

Describing the gentleness of the idol, he said that the idol made of dark coloured stone not only has the divinity of Lord Vishnu and the radiance of a royal son but also has the innocence of a 5 year old child. The idol has been selected keeping in mind the softness of the face, look in the eyes, smile, body etc. He told that the head, crown and aura on the 51 inch high statue have also been finely crafted.

According to Champat Rai, the ritual of consecration of the idol will start from January 16. Apart from this, on January 18, Lord Shri Ram will be installed on the throne in the sanctum sanctorum.

He further pointed out that that one of the specialties of the idol is that water and milk will not have any adverse effect on the stone. Also, if someone consumes that water or milk, it will not have any side effects on the body, he stated.

He informed that the temples of Maharishi Valmiki, Maharishi Vashishtha, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Agastya, Nishad Raj, Mata Shabari and Devi Ahilya will also be built in the Ram temple complex itself. Apart from this, the idol of Jatayu has already been installed here.

Champat Rai said that the architecture of this wonderful temple is inspired by temples in South India, adding that no such temple has been built in North India in the last 300 years, according to construction engineers.

He remarked further that though the age of the stone is 1,000 years, sunlight, wind and water will not be able to affect it as granite has been installed below preventing the absorption of moisture. Iron has also not been used in the idol as it weakens the idol. “It has been designed in such a way that as the age increases, a very strong rock will be formed under the ground. No type of concrete has been used above ground, because the age of concrete does not exceed 150 years. Age has been considered while doing every work”, he informed.

Devotees urged to visit temple after January 26: Champat Rai said that the day of January 22, 2024 is as important for him personally as August 15, 1947. He appealed to everyone to celebrate January 22 with grand puja in five lakh temples across the country. “In the evening, every Sanatani should light at least five lamps outside his house.”

He said that people should come to visit the temple after January 26. He assured that the doors of the temple will remain open until everyone has had darshan, even if it is 12 at night.