3-Fold Rise In Budget And Medals Pour In


New National Education Policy treats sports as a proper subject rather than an extracurricular activity, says PM Narendra Modi.

VARANASI, Sep 24 (The CONNECT) – Linking the NDA’s performance of the past nine years to the nation’s achievements in sports Prime Minister Narendra Modi has credited the “changed approach” as now sports have been linked with the fitness, employment and career of the youth.

Compared to 9 years ago, this year’s sports budget has been increased threefold, Modi said kickstarting the work on the International Cricket Stadium in Varanasi yesterday.

The stadium will be a step towards realizing the Prime Minister’s vision to develop modern world-class sports infrastructure, an official press release said. The modern international cricket stadium will be developed in Ganjari, Rajatalab, Varanasi at a cost of about Rs 450 crores and spread across an area of more than 30 acres. The thematic architecture of this stadium draws inspiration from Lord Shiva, with designs developed for crescent-shaped roof covers, trident-shaped lights, ghat steps-based seating, and Bilvipatra-shaped metallic sheets on the facade. The stadium will have a capacity of 30,000 spectators.

Khelo India’s budget got a hike of about 70 percent compared to last year and the Government moves with the athletes like a team member from school to the Olympics podium, he said.

The Prime Minister highlighted the World University Games where India has created history by winning more medals in this year’s edition when compared to the total sum of all medals earned in the entirety of its participation.

Modi explained that under the new National Education Policy sports is treated as a proper subject rather than an extracurricular activity. First National Sports University was established in Manipur. In Uttar Pradesh too, he said, thousands of crore rupees are being spent for the expansion of sports infrastructure. He mentioned the expansion of a sports college in Gorakhpur and the establishment of Major Dhyan Chand University in Meerut.

“The expansion of sports infrastructure is essential for the development of a nation”, the Prime Minister emphasized as he noted its significance for the reputation of a country. He mentioned that several cities in the world are known for organizing global sporting events and stressed developing sports infrastructure in the country capable of hosting such global events. This stadium, the Prime Minister said, will be a witness to this resolution of development which will not merely be a structure of bricks and concrete but will also become a symbol of the future of India.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the design of the International stadium dedicated to Lord Mahadev has instilled a feeling of pride among the citizens of Kashi. He said that the stadium would witness great cricket matches while the young athletes would get an opportunity to train at a stadium with international standards. “This will greatly benefit the citizens of Kashi”, he added.

The Prime Minister said that through cricket, the world is getting linked with India and many new countries are playing cricket leading to a greater number of matches. He said that this international stadium will cater to the rising demand for stadiums in the coming years. The Prime Minister also thanked the BCCI for their contribution.

The Prime Minister underlined that the development of sports infrastructure of such scale not only has a positive effect on sports but also has a positive impact on the regional economy. He mentioned that such developments attract more visitors which greatly benefits sectors such as hotels, eateries, rickshaws and auto drivers as well as oarsmen in the region.

He highlighted that it also has a positive effect on sports coaching and management institutions thereby paving the way for youth to venture into sports startups. He also touched upon physiotherapy courses and said that a new sports industry is expected to shape up in Varanasi in the coming days.

The Prime Minister highlighted the changing attitude towards sports among parents. “Now the mood of the nation is – Jo Khelega wo hi Khilega (one who will play will blossom)”, the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister recounted his recent visit to Shahdol and his interaction with youth in a tribal village there and remembered the local pride for the ‘Mini Brazil’ there and their deep love for football there.