Stanley Lifestyles has significantly grown its network of stores, currently owning 62 stores

GURGRAM, Dec 20 (The CONNECT) – Luxury furniture and home décor major Stanley Lifestyles has unveiled its flagship exquisite furniture store in Gurgaon. Nestled in the city’s Sultanpur area, the Stanley Level Next store is spread across 22,000 sqft, that promises to offer a luxury experience to homeowners, architects, and interior designers seeking opulence in home furnishing. Currently, Stanley Level Next boasts a presence in Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Stanley Level Next marks the pinnacle of Stanley Lifestyles’s 24-year commitment to quality and fine craftsmanship, offering comprehensive luxury home solutions. From bespoke kitchens and wardrobes to living, dining, and bedrooms, the store showcases the brand’s dedication to creating environments of refined elegance. Following the successful launch of its first Stanley Level Next store in Hyderabad, the company has ambitious plans for further expansion into additional cities across India.

Sunil Suresh, Managing Director of Stanley Lifestyles, said, the company strives to be the preferred choice for those seeking refined elegance in home décor.

Stanley Lifestyles has significantly grown its network of stores, currently owning 62 stores, including 38 company-owned and company-operated stores in major metro-cities and 24 franchisee-owned and franchisee-operated stores spread across 25 cities in nine states and union territories.

Stanley Lifestyles runs dual manufacturing facilities in Electronic City at Bengaluru.

“The boom in the Indian real estate market has propelled the furniture market into a high-growth trajectory. In Fiscal 2023, the organized market accounted for 26% of the total furniture and home goods market, and this figure is projected to grow to 35% by Fiscal 2027, exhibiting an annual growth rate of 36%. Stanley Lifestyles is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and contribute to the evolution of the organized furniture market in India,” Sunil explained.

Stanley Lifestyles Limited stands as India’s largest super-premium and luxury furniture brand, commanding a market share of 5.61% in terms of revenue in Fiscal 2022. The strategically designed outlets and design studios across the country serve as hubs of inspiration for design enthusiasts, showcasing beautifully crafted products in a setting that allows customers to visualize them in a home environment and derive unique ideas for home décor. With in-depth domain expertise and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends, the brand continues to lead in high-end furniture and lifestyle accessories.