Open Ended Equity Scheme

The fund’s portfolio will constitute securities aiming to provide the right balance between stability and opportunities, says Rahul Singh, CIO – Equities, Tata Asset Management

MUMBAI, Jan 14 (The CONNECT) – Tata Asset Management announced the launch of the Tata Multicap Fund, an open-ended equity scheme investing across large cap, mid cap, small cap stocks. The New Fund Offering window for investing will be open January 16 to 30. Thereafter the scheme re-opens for continuous sale and repurchase after allotment.

Rahul Singh, CIO – Equities, Tata Asset Management said, “Tata Multicap Fund focuses on combinations – across Market Caps, Strategies, Themes and Sectors with Growth at Reasonable Price or GARP as the underlying philosophy aiming to improve the risk adjusted returns of the overall portfolio and potentially provide a smoother journey to the investor. We believe that Tata Multicap fund can be well paced to capture the potential of a broad-based economic growth outlook for India over next 3-5 years.”

The fund’s portfolio will constitute securities of companies which are at various stages of earnings cycle aiming to provide the right balance between stability and opportunities. These three segments of earnings cycle can be broadly bucketed as Earnings Stability, Earnings Upgrades and Earnings Turnaround. Such a combination will help to have companies growing at a stable rate which provides a base, those benefitting from a change in earnings cycle which can lead to valuation rerating and the firms recovering from an adverse situation based on industry or management turnaround.

It is benchmarked against Nifty 500 multicap 50:25:25 total returns index and will offer two plans – regular and direct.