But How To Do It With Ease Is The Question


High employee turnover has made exit interviews as important as recruitment interviews.

Companies often receive requests for wilful resignations and are sometimes forced to dismiss employees as well. The reasons that trigger them are different. However, HR has to maintain the company’s retention rate, lest the recruitment budget be exceeded. In the case of layoffs or dismissals, it is a bitter-sweet process of letting people go.

The reasons could be that a company is not performing well, people are being asked to leave or an employee is not performing and may be asked to leave. The circumstances after this are not favourable for everyone. It may be a sign of retaliation, anger or disillusionment of unfair treatment. All of this can go wrong if the employee offboarding checklist process is wrong.

Preparing an “employee exit process” checklist is a very detailed process and should not be overlooked in terms of aftereffects. Different positions are subject to different levels of offboarding process. In this context, let us understand the details of the uniform process and employee offboarding checklist.

InCruiter:  InCruiter provides a fully automated exit interview platform with a pool of expert, psychological and behavioural interviewers to conduct such interviews. Exit interviews can provide valuable insights into what employees want and need from their workplace, allowing organizations to make necessary changes to meet those expectations.

Conducting Exit Interviews enables the business to get constructive feedback from employees leaving their company to improve the staff retention rate. Their feedback unfolds all the pros and cons of the organization, allowing them to improve the weak areas. Outsourcing Exit Interviews is the best way to get honest and straightforward employee feedback prior to their exit.

InCruiter has enabled startups and enterprises to enhance their exit interview process and thus boost their retention rate. Following its successful operations in India, the company has also established its presence in the international market, including Dubai, Singapore, Canada, and the Philippines.

Syncton: High employee turnover has made exit interviews as important as recruitment interviews for Human Resource practitioners. Exit interviews help companies reduce attrition by giving them a window to learning reasons for employee exits. A company can capture and analyze employee exit reasons and feedback and develop necessary retention strategies. Syncton’s Exit Interview Outsourcing Service provides companies operational and analytical support for the entire exit interview process.
Syncton manages the exit interview process through its dual services of a) telephone-based exit interviews and b) web-based reporting forms.  Syncton ‘s services provide clients with independent, truthful and correct data which is analyzed to understand and address key retention and attrition issues faced by each organization.

Mintz Global Screening: At Mintz Global Screening, we have over 100 years of experience in the background check industry. We use proven and reliable investigation and interview methods, while ensuring that our screening services precisely meet the diverse needs of each client. That’s why, in the case of an exit interview, we will make sure that you get answers to each of your questions.

Moreover, when you choose our exit interview service, you benefit from exclusive advantages: Customizable questionnaires, guaranteed objectivity, Results available in real-time on our secure website, Customizable information access to ensure that only authorized individuals can read the outgoing employee’s comments, Fully bilingual team, Exceptional customer service and Flexible process.

Ethico: In 2022, the old-school stigmas surrounding E&C finally began to be overshadowed by the necessity for ethical workplaces, the cultural shift towards empathy, and the incredible work of our peers in the industry. To meet the challenges of the Great Resignation, the Generational Shift, and the hundreds of other factors pushing organizations to better themselves, ComplianceLine rebranded as Ethico. Under this new name, Ethico rededicated itself to providing innovative technology, experienced experts, and empathetic solutions to workplace cultures.

ExitPro: ExitPro is an online application that gathers, samples, and distributes insights which you can share with anyone in your organization, regardless of geographic location. They don’t even need to log in. (Really? Say that again). That’s right, most users get what they need Direct-to-Inbox. Some people may have to login sometimes of course, but what our clients wanted was to keep it simple and so we did. Most users review and act on separation tasks in real-time from emails they receive. ExitPro’s quick and efficient separation management and exit interview software saves you time and increases completion rates.

ExitPro works everywhere the Web is which means no download, no installations, or look for anything. The exit interview template comes to you. Deliver task notifications to responsible parties and track the completion of each step of an employee’s separation. Schedule and send an exit interview form to receive exit interview responses with the click of a button.