A road trip is a stylish option if you want to formulate exclusive recollections on your Ladakh family stint.

Ladakh is a union home in the Kashmir region of India. Formerly falling in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh was administered a union home on 31st October 2019. Dominated by dramatic geographies, Ladakh is known as the world’s coldest desert.

Stunning -Gompas (Tibetan Buddhist cloisters), fluttering prayer flags, and whitewashed stupas, Ladakh is a hoot of intricate showpieces and red-robed monks. With a culture analogous to the Tibetans, the people of Ladakh are friendly and drinking to excursionists.

Ladakh is divided into two sections quarter Leh and quarter Kargil. The former quarter has a Famous city,” Leh”, and is a great sightseer magnet because of its beautiful cloisters hard, Shanti Stupa, cafes, and Leh Bazaar defining the place’s culture.

Stylish time to Visit: These months enable the bikers to enjoy the sightseer circuits of Ladakh, as much as they enjoy their Lahaul & Spiti trip. still, most of the riders love to protest- start their new time with this crazy bike trip as  Leh Ladakh offers magical lookouts that can be cherished around the time except for thunderstorm season.

How to Get there:

As Ladakh is located in the northernmost part of Jammu & Kashmir, India, it’s fluently accessible by road and air. While the trip by road is relatively long, gruelling, and fascinating, the flight from Delhi is short and comfortable. Road trips from Delhi to Ladakh can be planned through Srinagar or Manali.

  • By Road

A road trip is a stylish option if you want to formulate exclusive recollections on your Ladakh family stint. You can enjoy a road trip either by auto or by bike. Want to know further about the road trip to Leh Ladakh? Well, check out our companion for the perfect Ladakh road trip.

  • Manali to Leh Highway: With a distance of about 474 kilometres, Manali to Leh is the most favoured route, as this is considered the most gruelling one of the entire Ladakh adventure. Manali is fluently accessible from Delhi and Chandigarh and can be reached within a day.

And, if you want to reach beforehand in the morning, overnight motorcars are the stylish option. However, you must start beforehand to reach Manali on time, if your position is Delhi. However, you have to bespeak it in advance, if you want a rented motorcycle.

You can also choose state transport motorcars and private jeeps to reach Leh from Manali. motorcars take two days to travel to Ladakh and include a late stay at one of the camps.

  • Srinagar to Leh Highway

The road trip to Ladakh includes the celebrated Zozila Pass on its way. rather of Manali- Leh, the Srinagar- Kargil- Leh road is a much better option if you want to reduce the chances of road check because of unfavourable rainfall conditions.

The stretch of Srinagar- Leh is generally covered in two days, involving a halt at Kargil for a night. Srinagar- Leh Highway remains open from April to early November. This stretch gives you the perfect occasion to travel on some of the loftiest motorable roads and passes in the world.

Places to Visit

  • Glamorous Hill

Nesting enough at an altitude of 14,000 bases above the ocean position, you have to take the Leh- Kargil- Baltic National Highway to reach the destination. set up at a distance of 30 km from the scenic city of Leh the glamorous hill is girdled by the Sindhu swash on its eastern side and cradled in a graphic background of the Himalayan Range.

  • Zanskar Valley

The semi-desert region is adjoined by snow-limited mountains and sparkling clean gutters along with distinct foliage and fauna.

  • Bactrian Camel Lift

Bactrian Camel Safaris are Famous in Nubra Valley. Rather than the one-humped camels you typically see; these camels have two humps. Silk route trippers reckoned heavily on them. moment, these are used for safaris throughout the region and are extremely popular with excursionists. Nubra Valley’s Bactrian camel lifts are most pleasurable between July and September. Hundur camels can carry two or three people at once.

The unique ecosystem of Ladakh offers a chance for wildlife enthusiasts and sweeties to look at some of the most beautiful and rare species of wildlife against the background of blue skies, snow-clad peaks, and rugged mountains.

Snow leopard is one of the most fugitive species of creatures and that’s what makes it so charming. still, due to pitfalls to this mysterious cat, “Project Snow Leopard” was initiated by the Government of India along with Snow Leopard Conservancy to cover the beast with the help of the original communities, townies in Hemis National Park, Nubra Vale, and Hanle have pledged to help in the protection of snow leopards.

According to the report from 2019 to 2023, it is evident that the snow leopard population stands at 718, with the majority of leopards found in Ladakh. The beautiful sightseeing destination of Ladakh attracts numerous nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers from across the globe with its captivating natural beauty. This semi-arid region, a mesmerizing place, fascinates people with its snow-capped mountains and scenic landscapes.


The very idea of Leh Ladakh has always held a special place in my heart. Its majestic mountains, serene lakes, and rich cultural heritage have been a source of fascination for me. Though I haven’t had the privilege of visiting yet, my passion for exploration and the stories shared by fellow adventurers have painted a vivid picture of the wonders that await in Ladakh. The thought of immersing myself in such a breathtaking landscape and experiencing the warmth of its people is a dream I hold dear. Someday, I hope to embark on my journey of discovery and create memories that will last a lifetime.


About the author: Priyanshu Sain, 27, is a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, and has been travelling a lot for the past three years. Some of the places that he visited include: Uttrakhand ( Chopta Trek, Hampta Pass , Valley Of Flowers, Kedarnath , Sar Pass ),  Karnataka (Bangalore, Kudremukh Trek, Gokarna Beach Trek, Kunti Betta, Nandi Hills), Rajasthan , Varanasi and Ujjain. He is contactable at: