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Transformative Journey


If 2022 signified a resurgence in travel, 2023 propelled us beyond boundaries, achieving remarkable levels of connectivity and efficiency. IntrCity’s SmartBus network – which heavily relies on technology and consumer insights to grow its fleet – exemplified this transformative journey, having achieved a remarkable financial scale-up in FY 23–24, with revenues set to cross 300Cr, with an 80% increase in net contribution and EBITDA level profitability. This signifies not just improved customer brand connection but also our financial resilience.

Our commitment to provide an efficient, green & consumer-first travel experience, led us to become the first mobility company globally to disclose our fleet’s on-time performance openly. We are proud to hold a dominant market share on key routes in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi, connecting with around 2.4 lakh travelers weekly and covering over 10 million passenger-seat-km monthly.

IntrCity boasts the youngest fleet in the nation, having added nearly 120 brand-new buses this year alone. With plans to introduce another 250 buses in the coming year, our commitment to delivering top-notch service remains unwavering.

This progress is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the inter-city bus travel experience. IntrCity has led the innovations in the industry with its in-bus telematics, live tracking, washrooms, secure boarding lounges and well trained crew, we are committed to continuing this journey of technology-enabled growth and innovation in 2024.

While the growth of road networks has given a significant momentum to the industry, at both national & state level, the private bus industry has been challenged due to complex regulatory environment and lack of critical infrastructure required for consumer adoption e.g., private bus stations, fleet parking & maintenance facilities, boarding/drop-off points for passengers, with the dominant share of public spend going towards development of airports. We believe that simplification of policies towards the growth of the private inter-city bus segment would help in faster adoption of public transport away from private cars.

Our vision for the coming year is clear: to create a shared public travel landscape that is environmentally sustainable, efficient, accessible, and more enjoyable for everyone, setting a new standard in the way we experience and perceive inter-city travel in our daily lives. (The author – inset- is Co-founder of IntrCity SmartBus).

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