#HarDayIndependenceDay Campaign By SEL Tiger


#HarDayIndependenceDay by SEL Tiger invites citizens to join the movement towards responsible and responsive behaviour

MUMBAI, Aug 17 (The CONNECT) – SEL Tiger, India’s leading TMT Re-Bars by Shyam Metalics, has unveiled a digital film #HarDayIndependenceDay that encapsulates the essence of India as it celebrates its Independence Day.

Aligned with the brand’s core principles of invoking national pride, this three-day campaign elegantly portrays a trajectory of responsible and responsive behaviour, contributing to a sense of unity and pride in India, Shyam Metalics said.

Created and conceptualized by Madison Loop, this innovative digital film seeks to redefine the way citizens interact, advocating for responsible behaviour not just limited to Independence Day, but extending throughout the entire year.

Through this film, SEL Tiger encourages every individual to play an active role in the advancement of society.

This involves refraining from participating in the unfortunate culture of social media trolling, abstaining from character assassination, curbing the propagation of unfounded rumours, showcasing empathy towards fellow citizens, and placing the nation’s welfare above personal interests.

In an age marked by unprecedented connectivity, SEL Tiger acknowledges the pressing need for nurturing a culture underpinned by empathy, respect and responsible conduct.

Aneesh Mishra, Sr. VP -Sales & Marketing, Shyam Metalics said, SEL Tiger invites citizens to join the movement towards responsible and responsive behaviour, thereby contributing to a harmonious and proud India.

“Let’s ensure that our commitment to our nation radiates throughout the year, making a lasting impact on society. By prioritizing the common good over individual gain, we can truly contribute to our nation’s growth and prosperity,” Mishra said.