Priced at 2,190, the 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster & Croissant Warmer to enhance the breakfast experience, Usha says.

MUMBAI, Feb 8 (The CONNECT) – Consumer durable brand Usha International, has introduced the iToast – a 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster & Croissant Warmer, designed to enhance the breakfast experience. The multifunctional appliance combines the convenience of a traditional pop-up toaster with the added feature of a dedicated croissant warmer, ensuring the versatility you need to make your morning meal hassle-free and enjoyable.

Designed for compact kitchens, the 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster efficiently handles two slices of bread at a time, with its 6-heat setting knob ensures it’s toasted to one’s liking. The dedicated croissant warmer compartment gently heats croissants, buns, and other delicate baked goods ensuring you enjoy them to the fullest.

Priced at 2,190 iToast is available on all leading retail platforms including Amazon and Flipkart. For more information please click here.