Know The Magic That Turns Lazy Guys Into Fitness Freaks



What do you call that turns enemies into friends, competitors into collaborators, lazy guys to fitness freaks and smokers into non-smokers? It can be called magic. And that magic is Cricket.

Two bitter rivals in the event industry have become good friends.  They forgot their differences, rivalry and their past. They are good friends now, thanks to Sanaa ECube Premier Cricket League of the Event Industry, said Neeraj Thakur, General Secretary of Telangana Chamber of Events Industry (TCEI).

The premier cricket leagues of all sizes and shapes are happening in India. There are well over a hundred plus premier cricket leagues in the country.  Of Late, each profession has some cricket league or the oter.  Doctors, Engineers, Interior Designers and many have them.  We may not  know much about them. But, we can definitely talk about Sanaa ECube Premier Cricket League, an event industry’s biggest cricket league, Thakur said

The league has done so much good for the comradery. This representative body of the events, exhibitions and entertainment entrepreneurs in Telangana has come out in 2015 with ECube Premier League for the event industry.  Event industry professionals such as event managers, wedding planners, performers, suppliers, caterers, light and sound professionals, anchors etc have been playing fun cricket matches on the lines of IPL for the past four seasons. The 5th season is being played and will end on 29th January with finals.

Interacting with the media at Vijay Anand Cricket Grounds at Shivrampally where the league is being held, Neeraj Thakur said, like in any  fraternity,  though we are friendly in the event industry association as members but are competitors to each other professionally in the marketplace.  But, what the Premier League has taught us is to become collaborators. Many buried their differences. The two competitors have forged relationships and partnered in some joint ventures and are doing business together well.

Event professionals work for long hours. They are subjected to a lot of stress.  They dont get free time even for their fitness.  When we get some spare time, we sleep.  That has been our lifestyle for so many years.  But thanks to the ECube Premier Cricket Leagues which TCEI introduced four years ago, some of our late lateefs, lazy friends started getting up early for practice.  They have become fitness conscious, says Vishesh Sinha, Owner of The Team Page 3 Panthers.

Another wonderful thing this league has done to the members is that it motivated smokers to stop smoking for some time to get prepared for the tournament.  Some smokers quit smoking temporarily till the League is over to get fit to be able run well and improve their overall fitness.  Though we don’t know if it really works but some have done this in the past, TGHakur said.

The fun ECube Premier Cricket League has done more good to us as the fraternity of event professionals, it developed comradery, helped build better relationships, helped forge new alliances, cooperation and collaborations said Rakhi Kankaria, President of TCEI who also owns a team called Rocky Rizers11.

Another experiment TCEI is doing now is that each of the six teams playing the league such as  Team Page3 Panthers, Deccan Strikers, Rocky Rizers11, NM Page 3 Warriors, Alankrita Night Riders, Flying Horse Champions have one lady player. Not only did it make this must, they also made sure that the lady player has to bowl and bat compulsorily.  We don’t know what it would lead to but, it is certainly encouraging more women players into the teams.

According to Rakhi Kankari,  30 percent of the total Event Professionals are women.  They are considered to be sharp, brainy and creative.  That is why we want to encourage more women into the event industry, said Kankaria, she herself owns a team.

According to Thakur, Telangana has 1100 event management companies. About 5,500 associates or allied companies support the event management industry. Nearly 50 lakh people depend on the event industry in the State.