Appoints Jitendra Karsan As Chairman, India Business

Safari Kid, a global preschool chain providing premium services in child care, has enrolled over 5000+ students in India alone in the last eight years

MUMBAI, Aug 23 (The CONNECT) – California based global pre-school chain Safari Kid has announced the appointment of edupreneur veteran Jitendra Karsan as its new Chairman for its India business.

In this role, Jitendra Karsan will be focused on steering not only the routine operational activities but also the overarching strategic endeavors of the organization. The appointment comes on the heels of Safari Kid’s eight-year anniversary in India.

Shy Mudakavi, Founder & Global CEO, Safari Kid Global is optimistic of the new leadership appointment and said, “JK is a well-known figure in the early education segment and having lead Safari Kid India earlier, it was only natural for us to join hands again to lead India and other markets eventually. His sharp acumen in the early education space makes for incisive foresights on the type of business expansion Safari Kid can achieve in the coming years. Our decades long association at different capacities have always led to fruitful results and I’m bullish about our India journey.”

Safari Kid is a global preschool chain providing premium services in child care, has enrolled over 5000+ students in India alone in the last eight years. Their award-winning curriculum has resulted in consistently better early childhood brain development, skills and confidence building from an early stage that enables in the development of well-rounded grown individuals.

Karsan said, “Safari Kid though currently has limited number of preschools in India, but still manages to be a household name because of its aspirational value as well as the belief of the decerning parents in its pedagogy and purpose design preschools. With support from our investors and franchisees, we are poised to contribute to the development of young minds and make a lasting impact on the preschool industry in India and around the globe. Though from US we still are a truly Global Indian brand as our founder and 50% of top management is Indian.”

With several pre-schools foraying into India from global markets along with Indian entities expanding into wider cities, the potential of early education is at the cusp of an increased adoption in cities beyond the top(tier one) cities of India.

According to insights from the IMARC Group, the preschool and childcare market is projected to attain a substantial value of US$ 7.3 Billion by the year 2028. This projection anticipates an impressive growth rate, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.2% anticipated during the span of 2023 to 2028. These numbers reflect the upward trajectory of the industry, a testament to its resilience and potential for expansion.

Safari Kid India plans to open 50 preschools by 2028, with 20 ready to open by March 2024, with an investment of 100 crores in the early education sector.

Safari Kid International Preschool is a global brand in the preschool space, with over 50 centres across 7 countries.