Riots, Anarchy Raj 6 Years Ago


Focus on law and order led to investors thronging UP, youth getting jobs, says Yogi Adityanath

GORAKHPUR, Oct 16 (The CONNECT) – Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday that Uttar Pradesh, which was plagued by riots and anarchy six years ago, has undergone a significant turnaround.

Efforts to restore law and order have paid off, leading to a remarkable achievement at the February 2023 Global Investors Summit, where the state attracted investment proposals totalling Rs 38 lakh crore.

Inaugurating the 20,067 square meter extensive dairy and dairy products project built at a cost of Rs 114 crore in Sector 26 of Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA), the CM said, “Six years ago, Uttar Pradesh was grappling with riots and a state of anarchy, resulting in a deteriorating law and order situation in which no investor was ready to invest in the state.”

Upon taking office, our government’s first priority was to restore law and order. We made necessary reforms for ease of doing business and connected the youth to the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. The result of this is that the state received investment proposals worth Rs 38 lakh crore in the Global Investors Summit held in February 2023, he added.

The Chief Minister highlighted that, as a result, over 1.10 crore youths in the state will secure direct job opportunities, eliminating the need for them to seek employment outside of Uttar Pradesh. Their energy and talent combined with the state’s development will lead Uttar Pradesh to become the nation’s leading economy.

Referring to the newly inaugurated dairy project, the CM said, “This dairy will require five lakh litres of milk, indirectly benefitting one lakh families, providing direct employment to 300 people, and engaging another 1,500 individuals in the plant’s operation.”

The Chief Minister highlighted the recent surge of investments in GIDA, driven by companies such as Gallant, Ankur TMX, Varun Beverages, PepsiCo, Keon Industries, and Tatva Plastics. This wave of investment has ushered in a new era of development, particularly in eastern Uttar Pradesh, including Gorakhpur, by creating fresh employment prospects.

CM Yogi said that “Earlier, GIDA was limited to some villages of Sahjanwa. Today we are expanding it to Dhulia. The Gorakhpur Link Expressway is being connected to the Purvanchal Expressway. Industrial units will be established near both expressways. This will create a lot of jobs and employment opportunities.”

He stressed the importance of ensuring that entrepreneurs investing in the region face no adversities, emphasizing the need to provide local youth with appropriate training programs. This includes linking students from ITIs, polytechnics, and degree colleges with certificate and diploma courses to meet industry requirements.

CM Yogi stated that the happiness of the state’s youth is the key to societal well-being, and the happiness of society is the route to the state’s prosperity.

Before his address, Chief Minister Yogi conducted an inspection of the milk product plant. He also honoured five employees for their commendable contributions to its operations.

Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan Shukla, District Panchayat President Sadhna Singh, Mayor Dr Manglesh Srivastava, Sahjanwa MLA Pradeep Shukla, Legislative Council member Dr Dharmendra Singh, and others participated in the programme